**These rules will be revised as needed, responding to current health

The South Bend Civic Theatre is committed to the health and safety of our audiences, artists, and staff. We will be following the latest recommendations from the State of Indiana, the City of South Bend, and the St. Joseph County Department of Health. With that said, the
policy below is a living document that will be revised as recommendations from the aforementioned groups are updated. This policy is to be followed at rehearsals and performances until further notice.

● The CIVIC will be using the website to determine
the continuance of in-person performance. We will be using the following
color-coded metric:

Weekly 2-Metric Score:
■ Blue (0 and .5)
■ Yellow (1 and 1.5)
■ Orange (2 and 2.5)
■ Red (3)

● If the St. Joseph County number is 0.0-1.99 (Blue or Yellow), the CIVIC will continue with in-person performances.
● If the St. Joseph County number is 2.0 or higher (Orange or Red), the CIVIC will shift to virtual performances.

● Performers must wear either a fabric mask or a plastic face shield during load in/load out of performances and while attending the Fringe as a whole. The only time masks/face shields may be removed is during the 45-60 minute performance. Artists are strongly encouraged to wear masks during performances unless fully vaccinated.

● Buskers/street performers must be masked in designated areas. Buskers may only remove masks while performing if it has been cleared with the production team (i.e. the performance space is well-distanced from pedestrians).

● All rehearsals are off-site and therefore SBCT leaves rehearsal procedures up to individual acts. Performers who are not of the same household/pods are encouraged to use their discretion regarding mask/face shield wearing/social distancing while performing.

● Performers may not cross the designated edge-of-stage barrier during performance to maintain social distancing with the audience.

● Audience sizes will be limited to 50 socially distanced seats. Patrons will be required to wear a mask. Patrons may not congregate beyond the seating area.

Postponement or cancellation of show
○ If any performer or team member tests positive for COVID-19 once the Fringe has begun, all of that show’s subsequent performances will be canceled.

● If you are sick/exhibit symptoms during the week of the Fringe, please STAY HOME and immediately inform the Fringe Coordinator, Grace Lazarz.

○ Technical staff will sanitize all microphones, mic stands, shared equipment between performances.
○ Hand sanitizer spray, gel, and wipes will be available from the venue manager at all performances.
○ Venue managers will sanitize audience seating, ticketing table, etc. between performances.
○ Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer regularly.

Repercussions for not following these guidelines:
● First Offense: Verbal warning
● Second Offense: Expulsion from the Fringe

Please visit for information on how to best prevent the virus’s spread.

Thank you for helping to keep us all safe.